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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a buzzword of the 21st century, but a revolutionary technology that helps companies work more efficiently, intensify customer relationships and discover new business opportunities. At digtraform® we go one step further with AI.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence refers to machines that are capable of performing human-like cognitive functions such as learning, understanding and problem solving. By analyzing data, AI can recognize patterns, make predictions and make decisions, often faster and more accurately than humans.

Our approach

Further development: AI never stands still. Our team of experts is always on the cutting edge, researching the latest technologies and developing AI solutions. A central element of our further development is transfer learning. This method allows us to apply already trained models to new, similar tasks and thus drastically reduce development times.

Training: An AI is only as good as its training. Not only do we use high-quality data for training, but we also rely on the latest methods such as independent and guided online learning. This enables our AI systems to continuously learn from new data and experiences and to constantly improve their performance.

Personalization: Every company is unique. That's why we adapt AI systems precisely to the specific needs and challenges of your company. We use transfer learning and online learning to offer you customized, agile and self-evolving solutions.

application areas

  • Automated customer support: Increase customer service with intelligent chatbots and support systems.

  • Predictive analytics: Predict sales, inventory levels and more through detailed data analysis.

  • Process optimization: Identify and automate repetitive tasks to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Order entry: With AI, orders can be entered, checked and processed more quickly. Error-prone manual entries are minimized and order processing is accelerated.

  • Invoicing: AI-powered systems can automatically generate invoices, detect duplicates, check discrepancies and monitor payment transactions.

  • Control of production processes: Monitor production lines in real time, detect bottlenecks or irregularities and automatically adjust processes to maximize production efficiency.

  • Maintenance: AI can monitor the condition of machines and systems, predict the optimal time for maintenance and thus reduce unplanned downtime.

  • Machine guidance: Intelligent assistants can provide operators with real-time assistance, correct errors and optimize machine operation.

  • Corporate Wiki: An AI-powered knowledge base that answers employee questions in real time, suggests relevant information, and centralizes and makes company knowledge accessible.

  • Evaluation of documents and contracts: In today's business world, huge amounts of data are generated, especially in the form of operational and customer documents and contracts. AI systems can help with this:

    • Text recognition and analysis: Technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR) can be used to digitize and analyze physical documents.

    • Contract analysis: Automated review of contracts for consistency, compliance, and potential risks.

    • Customer data analysis: By analyzing customer records, AI can provide valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences and trends.

    • Automated categorization: By using AI, documents and contracts can be automatically categorized and sorted.

    • Security and compliance: AI can help identify sensitive data in documents and ensure that it is treated in accordance with data protection regulations.

Why d igtraform ® for AI?

Our passion for artificial intelligence and our commitment to innovation set us apart from other providers. When you work with digtraform®, you don't just get an AI solution - you get a partner who will guide you through every step of your digital transformation.

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