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Robotics, RPA & Automation

In an era of rapid technological advances, companies can gain significant benefits by adopting robotics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and advanced automation systems. With digtraform® you can leverage these technologies to increase efficiency, quality and competitiveness.

What is Robotics, RPA & Automation?

Robotics refers to machines that can perform physical tasks autonomously, from manufacturing robots to service robots.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) enables the automation of repetitive digital processes without human intervention, ideal for administrative tasks and data processing.

Automation in general refers to technologies that replace or reduce human labor in various business processes.

Our approach

Consulting: Identification of processes that benefit from automation and selection of suitable RPA tools.

Implementation: Tailor-made automation solutions, from robot integration to RPA deployment.

Training: Train your team to effectively use and maintain automation solutions.

Support: Continuous support and optimization of your automation systems.

application areas

  • Procurement: RPA supports automatic order entry, supplier selection and invoice approval.

  • Production: Automated production lines, precise assembly robots and quality assurance systems.

  • Warehouse management: RPA-controlled inventory controls, incoming goods inspections and warehouse location optimization.

  • Sales: Automated sales processes, customer management and sales analytics thanks to RPA technology.

  • Finance: Automation of accounting tasks, invoice processing and financial reporting.

  • Document and contract management: RPA enables the automatic capture, management and archiving of documents and contracts. This not only increases efficiency, but also ensures consistent data processing and reduces human errors.

  • Customer service: RPA-driven customer support, from chatbots to automated complaint management.

Why d igtraform ® for robotics, RPA & automation?

Combining robotics, RPA and general automation requires a comprehensive approach. With digtraform® you not only get the technological edge, but also a tailored strategy that focuses on your specific business needs and goals.

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