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Our projects

We are at the beginning of an exciting phase in which we will be bringing our extensive experience to the planning and implementation of new projects, especially for medium-sized and larger companies. In the interests of data protection and to protect our customers, we refrain from publishing detailed information or company names. We will also maintain this discretion in any possible collaboration with you.

Our in-depth knowledge of consulting, database management and software development is based on several decades of experience that we gained in previous professional positions such as at BK INFOTEC eK. Even before the advent of "digital transformation", we were involved in the development and implementation of modularized, workflow-controlled systems in areas such as ERP, SCM, CRM and PPS. These systems played a central role in our customers' business processes and contributed significantly to increasing their efficiency and competitiveness.

The upcoming projects we are pursuing reflect our ambition to use the latest disruptive technologies and methods to create innovative and future-oriented solutions. Although we are just starting to realize these projects, we are ready to fully contribute our knowledge and expertise and also offer daily "just-in-time" services for our customers.

If you are interested in working with us or would like more information about our future projects, we would be happy to talk to you personally.

Coding station

AI 01

AI-powered support for a service provider

A leading service provider is currently implementing our AI solution, which provides a chatbot for first-level support and email analytics to automatically answer common questions.

AI 02

Order entry using AI for a distributor

A central distributor will use the system we have developed, which uses AI to automatically capture incoming orders and integrate them into the internal system.

Accounting documents
Compressor maintenance

AI 03

AI-supported maintenance tasks in production operations

A manufacturing company implements our AI solution to optimize preventive maintenance based on machine data and learning algorithms, resulting in increased uptime and lower downtime costs.

AI 04

POS software with image product recognition for retail stores

A well-known retailer will use our innovative POS software, which is based on state-of-the-art image product recognition. This system recognizes products from images and automatically assigns them to the appropriate price categories, which speeds up the checkout process and reduces human errors.

Salesperson in an electronics store


Automated contract management for tax advice

A tax consultancy will receive one of our automated solutions for the efficient management, categorization and synchronization of customer data and contracts.


IoT optimization in food production

A food company will use our IoT solutions to monitor production data in real time, ensure quality and minimize waste.

Production of water bottling
Market analysis


Automation of invoice processes for a distributor

With our solution, a distributor will automate the entire process of invoicing and processing, thereby significantly reducing the workload.


Workflow-driven ERP application with AI integration

Supermarket aisle

A pan-European company will implement an application we have developed that automates ERP processes and optimizes them using AI to improve forecasting and streamline operations.

office building


Energy management in office buildings using IoT

The implementation of IoT devices to improve energy efficiency is being planned in an office complex. The aim is to make lighting, heating and cooling more efficient through real-time control. We support this planning process and work on solution models.


Innovation in warehouse logistics through robotics

Forklift Maintenance

A customer with connected logistics plans to use robotic technology to increase warehouse efficiency and reduce delivery times. Preparations for this technological innovation are underway.

VR driving


AR-supported maintenance for industry

The introduction of AR glasses for technicians to assist with repairs and maintenance is in preparation. These glasses will provide supporting information in real time to optimize maintenance processes.


Storage location management through AR

Man scans label

A manufacturing company is preparing to introduce AR-based warehouse management. This technology will enable staff to quickly identify the optimal storage location for each product.

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