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Innovation center for digital transformation

Welcome to digtraform, your leading innovation center for digital transformation. Here we go far beyond mere consulting. Our goal?

Develop, provide solutions and support you in every area of

support digital evolution.

Take your business to the next level: More than just transformation

While many people understand digital transformation as merely the restructuring of existing structures, digtraform® goes one step further. With the help of our advanced AI software solution, we focus on creating new, future-oriented solutions. Would you like to know how your company is positioned in the digital transformation? Then we proudly present our digtraLevelFactor: A tailor-made benchmarking tool that precisely assesses the digital maturity of your company and provides clear recommendations for action. Together with us, you will enter the next digital age. digtraform® - Where tomorrow is already today.

We develop and train artificial intelligence specifically for your needs.

Transform support and machine operation through VR and AR to provide users with intuitive, interactive and efficient experiences.

"Increase your efficiency through automated processes with our modern tools and strategies that save time and money.

Maximize efficiency and precision in your operations through cutting-edge robotics and advanced automation technologies.

Use cloud computing to unlock new opportunities and give your business a decisive edge.

Discover with us the comprehensive potential of 3D printing for business development and optimization of your products and processes.

Connect. We help you intelligently connect devices to increase efficiency and create new customer experiences.

Digital Transformation:
An age of renewal

Digital transformation represents not just a change in business practices brought about by technology, but a fundamental shift in the way we think, work and interact. In today's rapidly advancing digital world, companies are challenged to constantly evolve in order to remain competitive. But digital transformation is not just a challenge - it also offers an immense opportunity.

Ready to transform your business?
Here are your options!

Hourly expert partnership

Our expertise in digital transformation has its value. If you choose hourly billing, you get access to our team of experts covering everything from AI to IoT. With tailor-made solutions for medium-sized businesses, every hour will offer maximum efficiency and quality. Invest in expertise when every hour counts.

Fixed price models for your project

Avoid unforeseen costs with our fixed price model. You know your investment from the start. Without any surprises, you and we can concentrate fully on the success of the project.

Long-term partnership through monthly consulting fee

Would you like a permanent companion on your path to digitalization? Our monthly consulting fee ensures that we are at your side every step of the way, and you benefit from continuous quality and personal support.

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