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our mission

Our mission is to build bridges – between technology and business strategy, between today and tomorrow. We strive to be pioneers of the digital age by providing transformative solutions that empower companies and individuals to shape the future with confidence and clarity.

digtraform ®

Bernd Kladders.heic

Since graduating and deepening my knowledge through various courses and further training, I have always been driven by the idea of not only understanding digital transformation, but actively living and implementing it. This deep drive and my commitment to this field motivated me to constantly work at the forefront of technological innovations.

2023 marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for me. Realizing that the true essence of digital transformation goes beyond traditional approaches, I founded digtraform®. This should not just be a company in the classic sense, but a union of pioneers, innovators and professionals committed to implementing and promoting the digital revolution.

With digtraform®, our mission is to accompany companies on their path into the digital future, to support them and to grow together. And we are only at the beginning of this exciting journey.

Bernd Kladders - Managing Director

About us

We can assure you of one thing: we only take on projects that we can manage in the long term, both in terms of personnel and time. Our interest in your company is not limited to the order. That is why we are available to you outside of regular business hours and respond flexibly to your needs.

We will address all your concerns immediately. We are available for you from Monday to Saturday, between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. With us, you always have direct contact with your responsible contact person, regardless of their location.

We use remote maintenance, chat and video conferences to ensure a fast and efficient service. This not only saves time, but also protects the environment. Personal contact is important to us, but we still try to reduce travel for the benefit of the environment.

As our customer, you know exactly what your goal is. If you are still unsure who you want to go down this path with - after all, you are currently visiting our website - we want to gain your trust. We want to prove our professional suitability to you, make sure that we understand your goals and can assure you that we offer the right solution, stay within the specified budget and harmonize with you on a human level.

Our strength at digtraform® lies in the versatility of our team. Thanks to the harmonious collaboration between permanent experts and a vibrant network of freelancers through our crowdworking model, we are able to offer revolutionary and future-proof solutions.

Get to know the different facets of digtraform®:

• Technicians, data analysts & software testers: Our technological avant-garde, always at the cutting edge, offers deep insights into data worlds and guarantees the integrity of our software products.

• Business IT specialists & transformation experts: Our pilots in the digital ocean, who seamlessly link business strategy and technology and navigate us safely through digital challenges.

• Computer scientists: The builders of our technical solutions, constantly striving to deliver the highest quality and innovation.

• Web/Graphic Designers: Our creative souls who ensure that our solutions are both functionally perfect and aesthetically impressive.

• UX Designers & HCI Specialists: Our guardians of the user experience, always striving to make our technologies as intuitive and user-centric as possible.

At digtraform® we believe that every member of our team embodies the core of our vision. We cordially invite you to our showroom in Oberhausen to experience our passion together and take a look at the groundbreaking technologies we are developing for the future.

Our team

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