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Business process automation

In a world that is changing rapidly and becoming increasingly interconnected, the automation of business processes can help companies to work more efficiently, reduce costs and ensure a consistently high quality of service. Discover the potential of business process automation for your company with digtraform®.

What is business process automation?

Business process automation (BPA) is the use of technology to identify and automate repetitive business processes. This includes everything from customer communications to invoicing and inventory management. With BPA, companies can reduce human errors, speed up processes, and increase overall operational efficiency.

Our approach

Analysis: We analyze your current business processes, identify potential for automation and create a customized automation plan.

Implementation: Our experts use automation tools and technologies to seamlessly transform your business processes.

Training: We offer comprehensive training to ensure that your employees can use the new systems as effectively as possible.

Maintenance and support: Even after implementation, we are there for you to ensure that your automated processes run smoothly.

application areas

  • Customer communications: Automate routine interactions with customers, from scheduling appointments to handling complaints.

  • Invoicing and accounting: Speed up invoice creation and tracking while ensuring all financial data is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Procurement: Optimize your procurement process by automating requests for quotes, ordering processes and supplier management.

  • Production: Monitor and control your production lines and processes more efficiently by using automation tools to optimize production planning, quality control and delivery times.

  • Warehouse management: Automate storage and retrieval processes, inventory counts and reordering to increase efficiency and avoid inventory shortages.

  • Sales: Integrate automated lead management, sales funnel and customer relationship management solutions to accelerate the sales cycle and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Human Resources: From time tracking to payroll, automate time-consuming HR processes while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

  • Data analysis and reporting: Automatically collect, analyze and visualize business data to make informed decisions.

Why d igtraform ® for GPA?

With years of experience and a passion for technological innovation, digtraform® is your ideal partner on the path to business process automation. Our approach is holistic: We don't just look at the process, but the entire company and its specific requirements and goals.

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