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In a constantly changing digital world, we are ready to accompany and promote your company. Our solutions can consist of the latest hardware or software and are rounded off by first-class services to ensure holistic support.
Are you ready to reach the next level of digitalization?
Contact us and start your journey into the digital future.

Note: Our offering list is currently under construction. Stay tuned to discover our full range of solutions and services soon.

Solo model: your digital
AI assistant across platforms.

Based on innovative GPT technology, the Solo Model is not just a simple digital assistant. It combines autonomous information with outstanding conversational capabilities to answer all your queries. Available as a system application for macOS and Windows, as a web application and also for iOS - with Solo Model you are always just one click away from the answer. Increase your productivity and discover the smartest digital assistant ever.


Workflow model (robot):
Next generation AI-driven business process automation.

In today's digital era, where information exists in a variety of formats, the workflow model offers a groundbreaking solution. It combines advanced GPT technology with the ability to seamlessly integrate and process a wide variety of file types - from Word and Excel to PDF and CSV to TXT and EML - in addition to your own information.

Our AI robot automatically recognizes and processes requests, optimizes business processes and supplements human labor through intelligent automation. With the workflow model, complex tasks become child's play and your business processes reach an unprecedented level of efficiency and precision.

Give your business the digital edge it deserves. Discover how the workflow model is shaping the future of business process automation.


Discover the BRAIN MODEL – The connection between AI and data processing for the future!

Access to vast amounts of information: Thanks to the integration of external APIs, the BRAIN-MODEL can access a virtually endless source of information, allowing it to learn and develop not only from its own data but also from the global data landscape.

Intelligent computing: Use the power of GPT to process information, analyze it, and gain deep insights. The future of computing is here, and it's intelligent.

High-end database management: Our advanced DBMS not only stores your data, but also gives you the ability to use SQL queries to perform targeted searches and receive holistic answers. Unlimited data storage ensures you never run out of space!

Rapid development and GPA capabilities: Our DBMS not only scores with its storage capacity. Thanks to its rapid development and GPA capabilities, it always stays up to date and adapts to your requirements.

Efficient training : Our BRAIN-MODEL offers a creation content module that guarantees fast training opportunities. Your systems learn and develop faster than ever before!

With the BRAIN MODEL you are always one step ahead. Optimize your data processing, achieve better results and stay competitive in a constantly evolving digital world.

Discover the BRAIN MODEL – The combination of AI and data processing for the future, complemented by global information access!


The VISION - MODEL – "A revolution!

Our GPT-integrated image analysis model opens up new horizons in the processing of images and documents:

Intelligent image and document analysis: By using advanced GPT technology, our system enables detailed analysis of images and text documents. It precisely identifies objects and features in images, extracts data from text documents and interprets this information for a variety of applications. This includes automatic recognition and classification of products, reading measurement values in technical diagrams and converting image content into usable business data.

Optimized workflow integration: The model is designed to be easily integrated into existing business workflows and supports the transformation of image information into operational data, such as creating orders from image content or verifying data using visual information.

Wide range of applications: Our image analysis model is widely used in various areas. In quality management, it enables the rapid detection and analysis of quality deviations. In engineering, it supports problem detection and offers guidance and support through visual analysis. In contract management and commercial workflows, it helps to extract and process relevant information from document images. This versatility makes our model a valuable tool in numerous business areas.

This GPT-integrated image analysis model marks a turning point in digital data processing by leveraging AI and GPT to provide versatile and efficient solutions. It is a crucial step to keep your business competitive in the fast-paced digital age.


The ONLINE LEARNING MODEL – Intelligent development in real time!

Welcome to the next generation of digital learning with our ONLINE LEARNING MODEL that surpasses traditional methods and sets new standards in AI development and education.

Our model combines editorial intervention with AI control to deliver tailored learning experiences that adapt to your specific needs. Unlike traditional systems, our model continuously learns and evolves, always incorporating up-to-date information and methods.

Our innovative approach allows you to train and optimize your BRAIN-MODEL individually. The system adapts in real time to keep pace with the constant changes in the world and offers you the most up-to-date knowledge.

Take the leap into the future of AI education and development with the ONLINE LEARNING MODEL, which is always up to date and delivers optimal training results. Discover the power of online learning and revolutionize your learning and development methods.


Measure, understand, transform: With the digtraLevelFactor

"The digital landscape is vast and complex, full of opportunities and challenges. Whether it's about optimizing internal processes, launching innovative products, revolutionizing customer service or exploring new business models - digital transformation is a constant companion in today's world.

But where does your company stand in the midst of this change? How do you rate your digital performance compared to others?

With digtraLevelFactor we not only offer an in-depth analysis tool, but also the opportunity to receive a detailed final report. After a comprehensive assessment of your digital competencies and strategies, you will not only receive valuable insights and tailored recommendations for action, but also a report that documents your progress and efforts in the area of digital transformation.

Use this final report to inform internal teams, impress stakeholders and make clear, evidence-based decisions for the future. digtraform® - your partner for excellence in the digital age."


The AI solution package in the workshop: your holistic guide to the digital future!

The digital age is advancing rapidly, with artificial intelligence at the forefront of this revolution. But how can the possibilities of AI be optimally integrated into everyday business? Our AI solution package answers this question.

Start with in-depth training to understand the potential of AI. Together, we will then analyze your business processes and identify areas of application for AI solutions. But we don't just look at AI alone. We are aware that modern technology landscapes are diverse. That's why we also keep an eye on adjacent technology options such as robotics, business process automation (BPA), IoT and others to ensure that you get a fully integrated and future-proof system.

Once the analysis and planning are complete, we will work together to define precise functional requirements and ensure a tailor-made implementation. At the end of this intensive workshop, you will have a concrete, practical AI solution that takes all relevant technology areas into account.

With the AI solution package, you will experience a holistic transformation - from vision to realization. Training, analysis, integration and implementation: a comprehensive workshop that will take your company to the next level of digital evolution."

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